Like No wonder

I just got my lip pierced 🙂
Before getting it i thought it would look good on me but now, the more i look at it, the more i think its weird on me.
I’m not saying that i’m regretting it but ..i don’t know. maybe i should of waited or something =/
Enjoy :my new piercing :)

I don’t get how my friends hear from some random singers/bands/shows.
Recently, i’ve been looking at what people were linking on facebook and i saw my friend Jacob posting this video :

Isn’t he goooood ? I LOVE his voice & i really like his style of music.
J’aime découvrir de nouvelles choses 🙂
Ohh and Gaga’s new videoclip is out ! 🙂 “TELEPHONE” featuring Beyonce :

This week was my march “break” & honestly, i haven’t done any shits.
I haven’t done anything for school and i’m very behind in all my classes… which really sucks.
In addition, i’ve been gaining SO MUCH WEIGHT. Its practically unbelievable…. and very disgusting.
I need to MOVE, do some sports or whatever.
Since my birthday, i’ve been eating like crazy. I eat when i’m outside and when i get home, i feel bad because there’s food made for me so i keep on eating until i’m super fully bloated and i tend to fall asleep really fast because i get home late ….and it turns out that i’m tired so yeah….
I almost forgot, i turned 19 years old last saturday. &
my birthday celebration at Ivy Nightclub turned out to be very bad. I collapsed and don’t remember anything of it.
Sometimes i think i should stop drinking that much…but i just can’t help it… i like drinking. I think it feels good even if it does tastes bad. I’ve been talking about that to Jenny before i got my lip pierced… and yeah …I don’t know..I know i’m not an alcoholic since i’m not addicted to drinking and i can easily not drink for like a few weeks…
Ok that statement was kind of hard to tell, since i’ve been going out/clubbing/partying everyweek for about 2 years now …
I need to gros up and find something to do …..
Oh well, Take care TORMENTEDWORLD readers.

PS : that guy i was suppose to see at my birthday, didnt come out afterall .
& now he’s in vacation.
I guess we were just meant to not see each other.
I remember back in the days, when i wanted to see him in class, he wouldn’t be there.
When i wanted him to sit next to me, he would be sitting at some random places.
Now, when he tells me to go see him, i never feel like it because we don’t have any friends in common.
When i’m the one asking him out, he’s always saying that he would pass by, but obviously, he never does.
Ah well, i guess i’m not gonna see him for like…another bunch of months.
I saw a picture tagged of him on facebook, and he looks ADORABLE.
I think he got more healthy because back in the days, he either was always sick or he had his intense allergies.
And now that he had a fresh haircut, he looks handsome 🙂

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