Petit vendredi

So last friday, the weather was REALLY REALLY nice and i spent the day with my pal lisa.
Right after work, i went to her place and we ate/played with the dogs and then we went to my place so i could change.
I had this friend Jacob who had a chilling at his place so i decided to drag her with me.
We went downtown to meet up with Julia so she could buy her vodka and then me and lisa bought 10.2% BLUE DRY… ( never to do again it doesn’t tastes bad until it hits you. )
When we actually got to Jacob’s place ( btw he has a really nice house 🙂 ), we were really really hungry. ( & you know how smart girls are, we bought instant noodles just in case ( bad idea )
We decided to boil some water and blablabla.
The night went on and it was a really nice night 🙂
Catch up with some friends and met some other people and had a really good time fooling around haha .
Here are some pictures of us, three girls, fooling around 🙂

That girl in red ? She cracks me up every single time we’re together. Love her alot despise all the things i could of said before.

Meanwhile, i’ve been to the XX show yesterday at metropolis 🙂 you should go give a look at my 3 lame videos that i managed to take aha.
They are seriously amazing in live !
Here’s a link to their music page:
and here’s the link to my lame youtube channel ! :


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