I’ve been REALLY lazy these days.. and didn’t take the time to come on here and post the other colors of nailpolish i bought so here i am ! Like i said in my post, I’ve been spending alot lately on useless things, like nailpolishes, magazines, useless products…
Am i the only one who wants to try all the stuffs that you see on the shelters in a drugstore ?
Am i the only one who wants to be able to have an opinion on most of all the products in a drugstore ?
Is that a disease ?!

And then, i felt like buying some magazines and yeah not ONE but i absolutely had to buy 2 of them. This month, the weather has been really really weird.
One day you could be wearing some short shorts because it was so hot that we thought summer was just around the corner. The flowers were blooming and you could wear your sunglasses. The next day you had you take out your goose out because there was SNOW. What the hell mother nature =/.
But this week, the weather has been really nice 🙂 .
Its sprinnnng ! ( i hope its for good now ) .
I remember last year, at the exact same week, it was really hot outside and i was actually at my friend’s birthday at St-sulpice.
Tomorow, we’re heading back there for her 19th birthday 🙂 Its crazy how time runs so fast !

Lately, i’ve been thinking alot about how ironic my life was.
People tend to think that i have lots of friends because i never hang with the same people. But truth is that the reason why i’m never with the same people is because i don’t fit in. I actually don’t really have any friends except a few ( you people know who you are ). They say that real friends can be counted in one hand. Everyone knows its true but don’t you think its kind of sad ?
I feel like everyone already have their own group of friends and i’m actually intruding everyone’s group.
I realized that maybe i should of tried harder back in highschool because it seems like that was the time where you make real friends. I remember how much drama i had/still have related to some people but i feel like i’m not doing anything wrong.
I just don’t like people to think what they’re not and then making you feel lower than what you really are to boost themselves.
I’ve said once that i tend to be mean/cold to people because i’m the kind of person that cares easily, that likes easily, that falls easily. Meaning that if anything happens, i would be the one hurt. And rejecting people is a way to protect myself i guess.
But either way, if you want it or not, you start to feel lonely.
I feel like i’m not worth any friendships and that it is too late for me.

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