I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like people getting what i had first.
But as the same time, i’m also the kind of person who will want to get what someone has if i like it.
I don’t like copycats but i can’t deny the fact that i love having what people have and show off a little bit.
I did a hole in my face NOT because i thought it would be COOL .
Many people were against it but i couldn’t help it i was just so obsessed.
Seeing a guy with the lip pierced would turn me on.
I think its attractive and it puts the attention on the person’s lips.
Some people thought that i wouldn’t dare to pierce my lip. Because yes, i care about what people think about me but as the same time, i’m not going to do as what anyone wishes me to do.
Even if i don’t think it looks FABULOUS on me, i love my piercing 🙂
I don’t like people around me getting piercings because they think it’s popular/hip or that its gonna get them more attention or make them look more like a bad ass.

PS : i don;t even know if what i wrote made any sens lol.

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