Forehead kiss

Apparently a kiss on the forehead is a sweet, innocent way of saying he cares about you and you matter to him.

The weather has been so good these days! I can’t wait to be DONE with my last exam and then enjoy my summer at work………….
at least i won’t be getting as much stress as i’m getting at school.
Sun= Terraces = Sangria = killing my lungs and liver = 🙂 !

and i midnightpoutine made a post about the best terraces in montreal 🙂
you know what that means !

This photographer from montreal has real skills. I’m amazed. I present you Julien Roumagnac .
You guys should check out his Photoblog :

What i’ve been listenning to…

Royal Wood – Juliet

The Darling DeMaes – Stomach Ghost

and i found this on they’re myspace and i liked it 🙂
S E E D S – pus hing too hard :

Shuttle Remix – Love like a sunset ( Phoenix )

Music For Money – La marche

Midlake – Acts of Man

Tada . i should really clean up my room. its disgusting .

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