35 degrees . oh mother nature.

if you dare to say that my room isn’t messy .
i think you’re blind or just dumb as fuck.
that is just my desk and 1/4 of my bed by the way ….

I hate when people talk down about themselves when they’re really nothing of what they say.
Oh i’m so fat, look at my humongous belly
but really she’s like 110 lbs and 5ft6 tall and she fucking DOESN’T have any FAT.
have you seen yourself in a mirror ? Stop complaining. Seriously, have you seen ME ? i’m not even complaining as much as you do.

Oh i’m so ugly, seriously, i’m horrible, why am i so ugly, why tell me why, why are you so pretty arrgg
Are you serious ? You got tons of boys running after your ass and if you wanted to, you could get any guys that you want. You always have someone paying you drinks and seriously even if you were not THAT pretty, you know you’ve seen worse… Why are you complaining so much ?!? I am the one and only one that has no one chasing my heart. The one that never had a relationship. The one that is despised by people. Because apparently i’m asking for too much ?..

and i could go on and on and on…

But really, after thinking… Maybe i’m the one always complaining…
But if you have nothing better to say about than talking down about yourself when you KNOW its not true. Don’t talk to me.

That was my moment of @#%@#!!@$#%#%@!#

Today was my first day at my job at the government and honestly, i really liked it :).
I love the old montreal.
When you walk around the old montreal, you kind of get the feeling of the vintage century mixed with our century and its really pleasant.

Those two pictures were taken during a study break last week.
Yeah, i think we all know, i’m just that random.

In addition, i kind of miss my little triplets cousins.
I don’t want them to forget about me the next time i will visit them * which will be in a very long time.
I might complain a lot when i’m in china because my immune system is really not good and i always get fever and get injections of i don’t know what because of that. But i still love that country.
I love the way that people don’t think the way we do.
Chinese people are really strong people. They struggled a lot to get where they are right now.
I don’t care if my family is poor. I love them.
I feel at ease when i’m with them and i don’t feel judge.
I am and will always be proud of my grandpa and grandma.
Even if sometimes you guys really don’t help your situation, we all know that human being is not perfect.
We all have to deal with that.

lil crazed has the cutest kids ever. He might be a teenage dad, but he is a good one.
He loves his two boys and he’s an amazing dad.
Here’s his remix/cover with erin paula of one of my favorite jam back in the days .


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