Oh dear cheap quality phone.
I still love you dear Blackberry. ❤

Gyal, me wann fi just squeeze
Yah put me ting right around ya
Gyal, you give me tightest
Hold me eva seen inna mi life, ohh

Pascale, me and Myriam @ La commission des Liqueurs

Going out with my girls from work was fun 🙂
No drama ( except with some drunk people )
Didn’t spend any money because my girls understood my situation and paid me drinks all night .
Thank you ❤
Next time its on me 🙂
La commission des liqueurs used to be at the corner of Saint-Laurent and Sherbrooke but moved to Saint-Laurent/ Mont-Royal.
The last and only time i went to that place was back then where it used to be and i seriously don't remember anything from that night.
This saturday was totally another experience .
Honestly i really had a good time there.
The crowd is nice, not too young and not too old, people are there to have some fun, the place is really nice too, compared to what used to be there * To all of you people that used to know that club so called LIVING or HOUSE nightclub *
They renovated the basement and made the big room as a small bar.
The first floor is more like a lounge with some V.I.P tables and the third floor is the dancefloor.
The place is really LESS trashier than before .
When we first got in, we were served and placed at a nice table and we really had good service 🙂

I’m definitely going back there !


For the rainboots, i ended up buying the Michael Kors DUFORD rain boots.
For me, the Hunters ones were to high and it looked very weird on me.
Apparently, i’m not the only one with that problem.
I didn’t bother checking out the Burberry ones out because i’m tight in my budget, but soon or later i will go and check them out 🙂
I tried the Tretorn ones and they’re super comfortable.
They have the perfect fit for your feet and they made a style with faux fur inside to keep you warm during the weather.
I just thought that it would be difficult to wear these rain boots.
It’s already hard for me to be able to match what i wear so i didn’t want to buy those ones .
But you guys that are looking for comfortable rain boots, Tretorn ones are really cute and warn * the ones with faux-fur *
So i finally opted with the Michael Kors ones .
They’re simple and easy to match.
They’re made not to high, just the perfect length for me 🙂

What do you think ?

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