That’s my Shhh

Hello Hello world.
I actually miss writting my thoughts here.

First thing comes first. Jack Layton died on the August 22, 2011 of a cancer.
His dead is unfortunate for most of all canadians. He brought us hope and made a change this year.
He was a really good man and gave us another perspective of the politic. May he rest in peace.

Jack Layton at his young age.

School is starting this week and i’m kind of really exited to go back to my hectic schedule. I haven’t been productive at all this summer. Spent all my money on my trip to miami and didn’t make any savings and i’ve been slacking off at work too.
The reason why i’ve been slacking off this much this year, i think, is that i lost my motivation.
I’m sick of working in a lazy environment doing nothing. I need to be active somehow and be interested in what i’m doing. I need to be able to help people or something . I’m really sick and tired of sitting at a desk and doing the SAME paper work for months and months.

I’ve also been slacking off the gym, which i regret alot.
I’m proud i kept my membership but i think i should go back to training at least 3 times a week. + kickboxing classes and eating healthy again .
I used to feel good after my workouts and i really miss that ;(
I haven’t shopped at all this summer and am kind of sad because im in lack of clothes.

This summer was the worse one so far.

The end.


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