It’s 2h27 am & i’m procrastinating

My title says it all.
I’m suppose to be working on my international relation’s debate but instead, i’m here.
I realized (about 10 minutes ago) that I haven’t really been following my social networking for the last months.
It might be because I became really (but REALLY) lazy …
might as well be because of my lack of motivation …
or it would also be because of my whole summer without any WORKING PC.

I’ve been really busy struggling with school/work/money/family/friends these past months and i can really feel it on me.

I guess its just a phase but i can’t wait to be done with my laziness and lack of motivation.

Here are some pictures to summarize all the time i passed without a PC .

Enjoy 😉

Dîner Chic with my fashionista bff.

Studying Break with Vanessa T.

Halloween with the smartest girls 🙂

Dinner after a rough session at the Gym with Mimi

and lastly, my dear Esmeralda’s birthday ! ❤


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