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OH well, its been a while.
I’ve been re-reading my past posts and honestly I’m wondering if I have not been carrying all the symptoms of depression over the past years.

I’m still very melancholic. Still single. Still have no idea which path I am taking. Still haven’t lost any weight.

Well well, what more ? 2013 has been a year where i’ve discovered the rave culture & I felt in love with it. Unfortunately I am not enjoying it as much as I did when I first got introduced to it because it is becoming so mainstream. Which is unfortunate.

On another note, I’ve decided to meet someone from a dating website on Dec 24th 2013.
Yep, on christmas eve. I was somewhat desperate. (A girl’s gotta do what she gotta do.) Turns out we’ve been keeping this very casual, convenient and as i like to say clean. Although I am not sure this relation is so “clean”. It has occurred to me that he has been luring around other girls via internet. He says he hasn’t been seeing anyone else & I say I wouldn’t mind if he did but this is what i’ve been telling myself and truthfully, I just don’t get the need of seing numerus people all at the same time. Isn’t it already complicated enough trying to CASUALLY see one person?
That being said, I sometimes wonder if guys think i’m an unemotional bitch.
I don’t wanna be the post-it girl, the one that sticks everywhere but I also don’t wanna be that girl that doesn’t give a F. who boy’s end up not getting attached to, or getting sick of the attitude.

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Replying to my post: MAR 21 2013

Well, it seems like i’m the one doing that now.

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Question !

What about starting a REAL blog with my friend ? any ideas on how we could promote it ?
Any clue of what people would want to know ? to watch ?

We were thinking about vlogging too and we’re just throwing the ideas out i guess.

any suggestions or ideas would be good ! Thanks 🙂


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Protein pancakes ?

  • 1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1/2 banana, mashed
  • 1/4 tablespoon ground flaxseed
  • 1 tablespoon Perfect Fit protein powder ! 


I never knew how to make pancakes 😀 

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Monday, february 18th 2013 – No direction

Just about the moment I was going to describe my day as a failure, something out of the blue came out.
Turns out when I was thinking about letting all my hopes of getting implicated in any student activities, some other opportunities came up.

I’m actually really glad to have met some people that wants to get into this world as much as I do.

After my session with my orientation counsellor, all I figure out was that I had no clue where I was heading to in my studies.

Turns out I pretty much like everything.
I can say that I love management and she will ask me why and I can give all the reasons why I should be studying in Management.
I could say I love Marketing and give out all the reasons why I should be opting for that field instead.
My problem is that I’m not someone that has a precise opinion.

I mostly follow the “trend” as we could say.
I know I want to be successful in what I will achieve later on, no matter what I will be doing.
The only thing is that I have no clue what I’m good at .

This might seems like I’m degrading myself like my friend tells me…but from my point of view, I think of it much more as how lost I am.


Any clue how I could figure out myself ?

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Last night Chez Serge

Last night Chez Serge

Meet my korean friend Julie 🙂

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I’ve been REALLY lazy these days.. and didn’t take the time to come on here and post the other colors of nailpolish i bought so here i am ! Like i said in my post, I’ve been spending alot lately on useless things, like nailpolishes, magazines, useless products…
Am i the only one who wants to try all the stuffs that you see on the shelters in a drugstore ?
Am i the only one who wants to be able to have an opinion on most of all the products in a drugstore ?
Is that a disease ?!

And then, i felt like buying some magazines and yeah not ONE but i absolutely had to buy 2 of them. This month, the weather has been really really weird.
One day you could be wearing some short shorts because it was so hot that we thought summer was just around the corner. The flowers were blooming and you could wear your sunglasses. The next day you had you take out your goose out because there was SNOW. What the hell mother nature =/.
But this week, the weather has been really nice 🙂 .
Its sprinnnng ! ( i hope its for good now ) .
I remember last year, at the exact same week, it was really hot outside and i was actually at my friend’s birthday at St-sulpice.
Tomorow, we’re heading back there for her 19th birthday 🙂 Its crazy how time runs so fast !

Lately, i’ve been thinking alot about how ironic my life was.
People tend to think that i have lots of friends because i never hang with the same people. But truth is that the reason why i’m never with the same people is because i don’t fit in. I actually don’t really have any friends except a few ( you people know who you are ). They say that real friends can be counted in one hand. Everyone knows its true but don’t you think its kind of sad ?
I feel like everyone already have their own group of friends and i’m actually intruding everyone’s group.
I realized that maybe i should of tried harder back in highschool because it seems like that was the time where you make real friends. I remember how much drama i had/still have related to some people but i feel like i’m not doing anything wrong.
I just don’t like people to think what they’re not and then making you feel lower than what you really are to boost themselves.
I’ve said once that i tend to be mean/cold to people because i’m the kind of person that cares easily, that likes easily, that falls easily. Meaning that if anything happens, i would be the one hurt. And rejecting people is a way to protect myself i guess.
But either way, if you want it or not, you start to feel lonely.
I feel like i’m not worth any friendships and that it is too late for me.

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Loosing it soul

je suis seule .

je veux vivre ce que vous vivez .
je veux ressentir vos émotions.

je veux pouvoir écrire des petits mots d’amours.
je veux pouvoir donner des petits surnoms à quelqu’un.
je veux avoir un quelqu’un à moi.

je veux avoir des papillons dans le ventre .
je veux être jalouse .
je veux être triste .
je veux être heureuse .
je veux me faire dire que je suis folle en amour .

je veux réaliser que je suis bien .
je veux avoir quelqu’un qui m’attend .

je veux pouvoir réaliser que j’aime quelqu’un .
je veux pouvoir réaliser que même si le temps passe , la passion est toujours là .

In addition, here’s a videoclip of Jason Bajada ,

He’s an amazing artist from montréal 🙂

I kind of realized that I’ve been really into indie/rock-folk-pop music lately 🙂 ❤

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